Thursday, September 22, 2005

Rita is George Bush’s fault

Considering the fact that President Bush has been blamed for everything from September 11, 2001, to hurricane Katrina, we should all just go ahead and blame Bush now for hurricane Rita! I am not the only one who thinks we should do this! I found a great article posted at the following blog:

It is a sarcastic look at why hurricane Rita is Bush's fault! Well worth your time to read:

Rita is George Bush's fault

Blogged by Tony as News Tony Thu 22 Sep 2005 9:03 am
I've never really broke an exclusive on my site so I figured I'd go ahead jump in and claim this one. I'm even tempted to swing on over to and register myself as a prophet. Someone else might have already beat me to the punch with this one, but I'm claiming that the idea was in my head before anyone else. There is no real way to prove it, so in my own little world I win. So mark it down: George Bush is to blame for Hurricane Rita and all the destruction and chaos that follows.
That's right, I'm beating the media on this one. Isn't it obvious? It's headed towards Texas, and since W used to be the Gov there he still holds mystical control over the weather in that area. It's part of the job description for Texas Governor. And since the current Governor of Texas is also a Republican they can use their weather control powers in conjuction to make Rita a category 8 hurricane so it can be really nasty.
Why would the Axis of Texas do such a thing to their beloved state? Once again, isn't it obvious? Oil. Dubya owns all the oil in Texas so he looks to make a killing by raising all the gas prices in the wake of the hurricane. The biased conservative media is already hyping up how short we'll be on gas and oil production, despite the fact that they know that months ago, while he was planning his "natural disaster", Dubya already pumped out all the oil and hid it in Alaska so we wouldn't lose any. He's able to accomplish this with his huge army of future-amnesty-impowered Mexicans.
Also, don't forget that many of the refugees (oh, I'm sorry, I mean evacuees) from New Orleans were moved to Texas, so now Bush can finally finish off all the people that he wasn't able to get when he blew up that levee.
It all makes perfect sense. Why wouldn't Bush do such a thing? I mean, he's obviously pure evil, isn't he? He sent us to war so he and Cheney could go from being multi-millionaires to...more...multi-millionairery. Maybe he can call in a favor from the President of the Country of Cali-Fornya to go ahead and create that earthquake we've been waiting on to knock LA into the ocean...after evacuating all the Mexicans, of course.

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At 8:37 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I definitely don't have all the answers, but I know that as long as people keep sharing ideas like this, the truth will eventually reveal itself and maybe it can make a difference somewhere.

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