Wednesday, November 23, 2005

14 Statements about Iraq

With all the debate right now over Iraq, I have decided to post 14 Statements about Iraq that everyone should be able to agree upon. I cannot take credit for these statements. They came from

Statement Number 1: 9/11 was the work of radical Islam.

Statement 2 - Post-9/11 there was a
consensus in the country to be forward-leaning, meaning to be
pre-emptive if necessary to protect against further attack.

Statement. 3: Iraq played
no role in the events of September 11.

Statement 4: Iraq was
nevertheless perceived by American and foreign military and
intelligence operations to pose a threat, based principally upon
the belief that Saddam Hussein possessed WMDs.

Statement 5: Saddam Hussein's
perceived possession of WMDs was the primary reason advanced by
the Bush administration in support of the invasion of Iraq.

Statement 6: It is
now apparent that Saddam had no WMDs, meaning the
Administration's predicate for going to war was faulty.

Statement 7: There can't
be any disagreement about this. With or without WMDs, Saddam
Hussein is nevertheless an SOB.

Statement 8: The fact that the
Administration was wrong about WMDs does not mean that the
President lied on that subject.

Statement 9: I know we've
got controversy on this one, the war in Iraq is going poor

Statement 10: It's
entirely possible that when all is said and done, we will have
facilitated the replacement of Saddam Hussein with a leadership
regime in Iraq that is beholden to Iran and unfriendly to the
U.S., albeit one that does not equal the evil of Saddam nor the
type of threat he could have become.

Statement 11. I hardly expect
disagreement. Leaving Iraq now, meaning immediately, would
embolden insurgents and terrorists.

Statement 12: Our presence in
Iraq provides a rallying point for the insurgency and the
radical Islamists.

Statement 13: Leaving Iraq
as soon as possible must be our goal.

Final statement: It's time for the administration to set a timetable
to leave Iraq.

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