Saturday, June 17, 2006

AMerican Boy

We read and hear the news reports everday about Iraq, but they really don't affect us in any real way. It just becomes words on a page and a few soundbites on TV.
But seeing what is going on has a way of impacting people. I just found a video that makes the Iraq news real. Here is a description of the video:

The images in this film were taken by soldiers, medical personal, and journalists They had been collected and passed around Iraq, for the purpose of sharing information and documenting the events of the war. The collection of images were given to me by a surgeon for the US, who has been in Iraq for two years, with his request to have them seen, by the public. Do not think of this as a music video! This news footage, that the American public has been stripped of and denied access to, is real! There are thousands of lives being lost because of the white washing of the realities of this invasion, both from the false claims that lead to the invasion, and the manipulation of media since! The audio is created as a narration of a soldier sharing his experience, and asking for help, forgiveness, and understanding! Now, if our leaders would take the same responsibility? We might find a roadmap to actual peace! This POD was updated exactly one year after it was originally completed . Today, 05/31/06 @11:58 PM. The news is worse and the corporate controlled media, and special interest controlled, politicians have gotten no better! Current TV; raise your voice, so the world can see!

Here is the video:

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