Thursday, August 10, 2006

Human Corpses as Art?

If I was to call you up and say, "Hey, let's run down to the art musuem; there is a great new exhibit - they are displaying human corpses!" What would you say? Would your response be, "Say that again?", or, " Sure, let's go!" Over the past two years, millions of Americans have flocked to exhibitions that display actual human corpses.
Please be Warned some may find this subject matter disturbing and some of the photos found at some of the links offensive.

Here is one photo from the exhbit

You can see more photos, read some things written about this subject, and hear some audio news stories on this subject at the following links:

Human Anatomy Exhibits Draw Big Crowds

'Body Worlds': The Human Form Revealed

The Mixed Signals blog had this to say:

No tiptoeing around it. Everybody we know who's seen the Body Worlds show, which is traveling around the country, comes away in awe. Human bodies unpeeled, sliced open, nerves and muscles and bones transformed into colorful plastic. People say there's something inspiring and beautiful about it; my sister Judy, who used to get frightened during Peter Pan, says the cadaver exhibition is one of the most astonishing and important shows she's ever seen.
And as Neda Ulaby tells you this evening, she was blown away, too. But not by the inventive if grisly beauty: Neda has uncovered evidence that raises disturbing ethical questions about how, and where, the doctor who created the show gets the bodies. She left the exhibition so shaken that she, a long time carnivore, went vegetarian for a month. But she admits she's lapsed
Read Neda's full "Reporter's Notebook" after the jump...
-- Daniel Zwerdling

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