Wednesday, September 13, 2006


This picture was found at the Cost to Coast Am website.

The following was written about the picture:
CKK-walks-on-water! Having recently discovered this burden of mythical if not biblical proportions, I have decided to use this super-power sparingly, with humility and circumspection, just as I conduct the rest of my life! I'm a fan of C2C, a writer and illustrator who lives in New York. I am a marathon swimmer (I've swum around Manhattan on 4 separate occasions and hope to swim the English Channel one day). I march in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade as a 'balloon handler'. My first book will be published soon (finally!). I've befriended kayakers (who act as safety shepherds for long distance swimmers) and recently participated in a night time circumnavigation of Manhattan, during a meteor shower! Subsequently, I joined a 'paddle' from Long Island City to Staten Island and back. 1 mile south of the Statue of LIberty I noticed a ripple in the water, a touch of white water on an otherwise smooth bay. Instead of being 'good kayak citizens' our intrepid group sought adventure and investigated. There seemed to be, not a sand bar but a rock bar in what should have been -- 75 feet of water! It may have been a sunken gravel barge that had not yet been removed and at - 1 hour before dead low tide, one could stand on the gravel. One of our trio had a disposable water resistant camera and after testing the rocks for sturdiness, we removed our life vests, pulled the kayaks out of the picture and took 'hero shots' or 'you're not going to believe this' type of shots. The next time I get abducted, I should bring my camera! It looks as though we're walking on water! The photo is not photoshopped! Keep up the great work at C2C!

--Craig K.

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