Saturday, November 17, 2007

Somali rebels attack peacekeepers

It was June 2006 when I posted a few articles telling everyone to watch Somalia . I felt that events occurring there could become an issue for the U.S. Government. Today I want to point people to more information concerning Somalia.You can read some of my previous post on Somalia here: Past Post

Here is the lastest news:

Somali rebels attack peacekeepers

Uganda has some 1,700 soldiers in Somalia as part of the AU missionIslamist insurgents armed with machine guns and grenades have attacked an African Union base in the Somali capital, Mogadishu, the force said.

At least one rebel was killed when the Ugandan peacekeepers returned fire but the AU said it sustained no casualties.

The attack comes two days after rebel leader Sheikh Aden Hashi Ayrow ordered his fighters to target AU troops.

Uganda has some 1,700 soldiers in Somalia as part of the planned 8,000-strong AU peacekeeping mission.

The overnight raid on AU troops in Mogadishu's K-4 neighbourhood led to a 90-minute battle.

To read the rest of the BBC report follow this link: Somali

Here are links to some great resources about the situation in Somalia:

Fears stalk Somalia's capital once again

Somalia: Who supports who?

Timeline: Ethiopia and Somalia

Q&A: Somali conflict

A crowd of Somalis beat the body of an Ethiopian soldier as it is dragged in the streets of Somalia's capital.

Somalia's War Flares Up Again

I will continue to watch the situation in Somalia and post the latest news.

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