Tuesday, December 25, 2007


I came across the new Teddy P album last week and all I can say is wow! It is amazing, I think I have listened to it about a 100 times already.

Here are some excerpts from a review of the album:

Reviewed by Benton Logan

On December 1st, Christmas came early as Teddy P dropped a full instrumental album, “My Life Complete” and it was FREE. As excited as I was, I was sure these were going to be beats that didn’t “make the cut” as most would think from a free album but ohhhh how I was wrong. Teddy P has 13 top notch beats on this album.

My Life Complete” has a very diverse set of beats, ranging from slow/laid back (The Foundation – Track 1 and My Life Complete – Track 12) to head banging (Next To You – Track 3 and Amped Soul – Track 6) to everything in between. Teddy P shows us his creativity in songs like “Wrongs & Rights” (Track 9), everything about this song is creative, “Down In Georgia” (Track 4), the samples and the organ in the background and “Gotta Move” (Track 10), with its colorful array of samples and dirty snares. “1st Love 2nd Time”, can also be found on “I Got It 4 Free, the Remix”. Of all the tracks on the album, my favorites would have to be, (and this was hard), “Next to You” (Track 3), “Down in Georgia” (Track 4) and “Thank you Jesus” (Track 8).

Teddy P moved onto my top producers list when I first heard him on E-Pistle’s album, but “My Life Complete” sealed the deal, FOREVER. Please understand, this album review does the album no justice, so stop reading, download it and check it out yourself at:

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