Monday, January 07, 2008

September Collective

A few days ago I downloaded the latest CD by September Collective from eMusic. It is amazing album that is hard to explain in words what it is like. The is the type of CD that must be listened to with the lights off and a few candles lit and you allow the music to transport you to other places.

Here is a review of the album

Overlooked Albums of 2007

September Collective is a supergroup of sorts; while member Paul Wirkus remains relatively obscure, Barbara Morgenstern and To Rococo Rot's Stefan Schneider have proven plenty successful in the indie/electronic world. That alone makes this album's radar-ducking obscurity curious. Swimming in warm analog glow, this is bath-and-candles music, rich with chest-caressing sub-bass, easygoing piano improvisations and a delicate froth of classical samples. But if the album is pellucid enough for the Body Shop set, it's also rigorous enough to reward the demands of close listening. Wirkus' stuttering sample work creates a complicated rhythmic interplay against Schneider's dub-inspired basslines and Morgenstern's drifting melodies, and even on the most lyrical cuts, brushed percussion and oblique accidentals lend an appealing sense of hesitation. Rich, unexpected, flat-out gorgeous -- you could live inside this record. -- Philip Sherburne

To learn more about the CD check out the following link: September

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