Monday, April 21, 2008

Somalia, Food, and Oil

On Saturday, June 17, 2006 I posted an article called "3 Parts of the World to Watch"

You can read that post at this link: 3 Parts of the World to Watch

In that article I suggested that Somalia was a part of the world we should watch.

Somalia is back in the news:

Somalia clashes 'the worst since 1991'

(CNN) -- Somalia's main opposition group Monday accused Ethiopian troops of killing six leaders of a Muslim sect during weekend street battles in Mogadishu, clashes one observer called the worst since the country's government collapsed in 1991.

You can read the rest of the report at this link: Somalia

Here is a link to another story about the situation:
Somalia violence 'the worst in two decades'

I posted a story a few day's ago about the rising food cost. Tonight I want to point readers to more information about this issue:

Food costs endanger UN poverty efforts

UN chief warns world must urgently increase food production

Call for world food crisis action

Not only do we have food prices rising we should not forget the Oil prices:

Oil rises to yet another record

Oil prices in London and New York have hit fresh highs as fears over supply problems continue to drive the market.

US light, sweet crude hit a new peak of $117.76 a barrel in US trading before settling at $117.48 while Brent crude peaked at $114.86 a barrel.

To read the rest of the report follow this link: Oil

It should be obvious the everyone that these are serious issues that could have major consequences for all of us!

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