Sunday, August 24, 2008


There are a lot of things happening around the world today so I am going to post links to the big stories.

Let's first head to Georgia and Russia

U.S. Ship Brings Aid to Georgia as EU Calls Summit on Russia

A U.S. Navy destroyer carrying humanitarian aid arrived in a Georgian port as the European Union stepped up diplomatic pressure on Russia by calling a summit to discuss future relations.

West piles pressure on Russia for full Georgia withdrawal

The West on Sunday ratcheted up pressure on Russia to withdraw its troops from Georgia, with the EU announcing a crisis summit as a US warship arrived at a Georgian port.

French President Nicolas Sarkozy, whose country holds the rotating presidency of the European Union, had served notice he was ready to convene a special summit if Russia failed to pull back its troops from Georgia.

European leaders are to meet in Brussels on September 1 to discuss the future of EU relations with Russia and aid to Georgia, a statement from Sarkozy's office said.

I have not posted much about this situation. It seems that Russia will withdraw from Georgia. However, will they make a move against another country in the near future? I say keep your eyes on the Ukraine.

Here are a few links that provide some information about the Ukraine



Ukraine Leader Pushes NATO Bid on Independence Day

Next, let's move to Iraq

40 killed in Iraq bombings

There have been many media reports that the violence in Iraq is way down and I don't dispute this. However, the potential for violence is always present in Iraq. So, does the decrease in violence clearly demonstrate things are better, or does it simply show that attacks are down but the division and problems are still present?

Next is Somalia

Journalists kidnapped in Somalia
Two international journalists, along with their Somali colleague and a driver, were kidnapped Saturday, a journalists' organization in Somalia said.

Missing Somalia journalists named
An Australian reporter and his Canadian colleague who have been missing in Somalia since Saturday have been named as Nigel Brenan and Amanda Lindhout.

Somali government says hunting for abducted reporters
The Somali government said Sunday that a hunt has been started for Australian, Canadian and Somali journalists abducted near the dangerous capital of Mogadishu on Sunday.

A government spokesman said the whereabouts of the trio was not immediately known, but the family of the Somali fixer for the foreign freelance reporters said they believed a ransom would be demanded.

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