Sunday, December 28, 2008

The World In 2009

As we are about to begin a new year, I want to take some time and think about what parts of the world we should watch in 2009.

Iraq: In 2009, the United States will have a new president and one of the major decisions he will make is what to do about Iraq. There is currently about 140,000 US troops in Iraq. If the United States withdraws troops, what happens in Iraq? Does the country end up in a civil war? Iraq will be a very important country to watch and see what happens.

Here is some of the latest news from Iraq:

Car Bomb Kills 2, Wounds 4 in Iraq

2 bombs kill at least 5 in Iraq United Press International

Suicide bomber hits anti-Israel protest in Iraq AFP

At least 3 killed in suicide bombing in N Iraq Xinhua

Baghdad Car Bombing Kills at Least 22

Baghdad bombs kill 28 people: police Reuters

Car Bomb in Baghdad Kills 24 New York Times

Baghdad bus blast kills 24 Newsday

These headlines are not very good and the obvious questions is simple, what happens when the United States military leaves?

Somalia: I have been telling people to watch this country for years and have posted a lot of information on this blog. You can read all of my posts about this country at this link: Somalia

Here is some of the latest news from Somalia:

Islamist Militants in Somalia Begin to Fight One Another

12 die in clashes between rival Islamists in central Somalia Xinhua

Somalia: Ahlu Sunna Takes Control of Central Town

Militias Clash in Somalia, Killing at Least 10 Voice of America

Key Somali official says president to quit Monday

China ready to use force on Somali pirates

I will continue to post information about Somalia and provide people the best information I can find.

I will suggest other countries to watch in a future post. I want to know what you think. What countries should we be watching and what do you think will be the big stories of 2009? Leave your comments here or e-mail me at

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