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Cat Mutilations

A few day's ago I posted an article on Cattle Mutilations. You can read that post at this link: Cattle

Today I came across a report about Cat Mutilations happening in Texas.


A cat was found mutilated with only its head and leg found in the Southside Tuesday night and a detective is currently investigating the crime.

According to CrimeStoppers, there have already been 13 cat mutilations in the city since April. Tuesday's cat mutilation happened on the 4200 block of Yorktown.

A man was riding his bike down the road when he spotted parts of a cat's body dumped on the ground. After his discovery, he immediately called police.

"The parts that we saw this morning was just the head, right behind the ears and one foreleg from the shoulder down," Veternarian Tom House with Animal Care Services said.

House said he wasn't sure what happened to the rest of the body.

He also said the straight cuts on the flesh and bone indicate the cuts were made by a knife or ax. He said he had seen six cats in the past two months that have been cut up in the same way. Since April, he had seen three other cats brought into Animal Care Services that appeared to have been part of a ritual mutilation with dissections done.

The incisions were made like those you'd see in an autopsy, he added.

"It was definitely a straight cut so it was not something that was done by another animal where there's anything that was ripped or torn," Field Supervisor Richard Gould said.

Residents in the neighborhood were shocked that was a cat killer on the loose.

"I had no idea that is cause for concern," resident Amanda Comstock said.

The mutilations began in 2006 and since then, several cats have disappeared or have been found mutilated.

Officials at Animal Care Services are recommending that people keep their cats indoors because Halloween isn't too far away.

Apparently, during September and October, Animal Care workers said they start to see more of the same type of crimes. Most of the cats that have been mutilated have been black and some have been white.

A detective was assigned to investigate the cat mutilations but no arrests have ever been made.

Here is the link to the original report: Cat

Here is a report from 2008

Mutilated Cat Found On City's South Side

I found a site that is encouraging people to sign a petition to stop Cat Mutilations and Murder in San Antonio.

This is from the site:

In recent months we have had a serious rash of cat (& some dog) mutilations and murders in San Antonio, TX USA. The latest was a black cat that had acid poured on its tail. In one neighborhood people found their pets cut into pieces on their front lawns. Black cats are the most frequent target, but other cats and some dogs have been tortured and murdered also.

Here is the link: Stop

Here is information on a 2007 case

Police solve cat mutilations mystery

After 16 family pets were mutilated in a North Texas community, police feared a budding serial killer was at large.

A team of detectives investigated and they believe they now have answers.

When Shaun Trotter looks at his seven-month-old kitten, he remembers another cat with the same markings, and the same precocious personality.

That cat darted through the door one evening this spring.

"About ten minutes later, we went out and tried looking for her and couldn't find her," said Trotter.

Her picture eventually joined a growing file of cats killed in the small town of DeCordova.

Many, like Trotter's cat, were found dead on the golf course.

"Around March of 2007, we started discovering, getting reports, of half cats that were being discovered at scenes in DeCordova," said Detective Johnny Rose of Hood County Sheriff's office.

The sheriff formed a team of investigators to figure out what was happening.

One of their biggest steps: secretly putting up cameras in the neighborhood around the golf course to figure out who, or what, was coming out at night.

"It's been shown in other studies of serial killers that they start out mutilating animals and gradually start with humans. So we were afraid they were going to graduate to killing humans," said Rose.

But the cameras found, sprinting past the light, predators, not humans.

This month, after hundreds of man hours, a forensics expert and a zoologist confirmed deputies' detectives' suspicions.

"[They] ruled the cats were being killed by predators, such as coyotes," Rose said.

In all, Rose blames 16 cat mutilations on the coyotes in DeCordova.

But while Rose is now confident of the culprits, he's less certain of how to keep them away.

As long as kittens here play outside, there will be coyotes waiting for them.

Here is the link: Solved

The following is from

On March 18, 2009, Corpus Cristi police investigated a cat found cut in half near the city’s Club Estates Elementary School on the south side of Corpus Christi. The cat was cut cleanly through its middle with a smooth incision. Its organs had been removed and were not at the scene. 31 cat mutilations have been reported to Corpus Christi police since April 2008. Twelve of those 31 cats have been found in the same general area on the south side of the city. Police have no suspects and have not made any arrests. Anyone with information, please call Corpus Christi CrimeStoppers at: 361-888-8477.

Over the years, recurring cycles of cat mutilations have been reported in England, Canada and many states in America. Texas has had repeated cat mutilations in Corpus Cristi, San Antonio, Austin, and Plano, Texas, an affluent suburb north of Dallas. In 1991, 1993 and the late 1990s, Texas police received dozens of reports about cats found cut in half, usually with the front half near the owners' yards or sidewalks. Plano Police Detective Mike Box also had missing reports on more than 80 domestic house cats that wore collars and I. D. tags, but were never found. Detective Box investigated satanic cult activities, but could not find any evidence that connected them to the mutilated and missing cats and other animals such as dogs.

Here is the link to the original article. Beware there is a photo of the mutilated cat: Story

More to come as I find new information.

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At 7:37 PM, Blogger lordkentesq said...

Oct 5 2010

Vancouver BC Canada

A news report was just on saying that several of these half cats have been found recently, in two suburbs of Vancouver. The most recent I believe they said was last week. The RCMP said the cat had been cut in half and that the necropsy indicated that the cut was a single clean cut.
This is very fascinating that these strange things are happening throughout North America and beyond.

I believe we are in the beginning of very,very strange day,s and soon something monumental and perhaps the largest event of recorded history is about to unfold!

Kent Elliot Schmidt
Vancouver Canda

At 1:05 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Are you stupid? Some sociopaths are going around murdering animals is all. It's not mysterious or mystical. It's just terrible.


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