Tuesday, March 10, 2009

ferrari f599xx

The following is from Mirror.co.uk

Ferrari unveils the special one

Talk about special - the Ferrari F599XX has almost 700bhp, a racing car interior, massive carbon-fibre diffuser aerodynamic devices at the rear and loads more racy bits.

The bad news is Ferrari will only sell the model to "special" customers - and these people will only be able to drive them at special tracks through 2010 and 2011.

Apparently, it's a super-cool test rig for future models.

After reading that I decided to see what else I could find about this car. Here are my findings:

Ferrari revealed an ultra exclusive race bred car at the Geneva Auto Salon, this car being the Ferrari 599XX. The all new Ferrari 599xx is strictly intended for the track for those that are willing to pony up the price tag of admission- 1.5 million quid.

If you are familiar with the Ferrari lineup you will have know there was an FXX version of the Ferrari Enzo which was also a modified track racer that has F1 capabilites written all over it. This XX version of the 599 from Ferrari is more of the same. Propestive buyers of the Ferrari 599XX will be able to take part in special Ferrari dedicated track events.This car is stricly for the track and there will be only 30 made and two years of track time come with the car.

Underneath the hood the horsepower mark exceeds 700 Italian horses from a V12 in addition to aerodynamics and carbon fiber galore.

From Ferrari:

"The 599XX, on the other hand, is aimed at owners that want to experience Prancing Horse driving pleasure at its purest - in fact, Ferrari will be organising a programme of dedicated track events for it in 2010/2011. Conceived exclusively for track but not official competition use, and thus unrestricted either by homologation limitations or regulatory restrictions, this extreme sports car incorporates the very best of Ferrari technology, the fruit both of our Research and Development Department's labours and our long experience and experimentation in F1. The plethora of aerodynamic, electronic control and handling innovations used together for the first time on a single car make this model a genuine technological laboratory. The solutions adopted for the 599XX - many of which will remain exclusive to it - enhance its levels of performance and can be summed up in one highly relevant statistic: a Fiorano lap time of just 1 minute and 17 seconds. Although it is such an extreme car, the 599XX still retains the ergonomics of the road-going model which are essential for non-professional drivers engaging in intensive track driving."

Source: Car

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