Sunday, March 26, 2006


I hate to to be the person to tell everyone this, but you may have to throw out all of your DVDs and replace them! I know, I know, you spent a lot of money. But, technology moves on and this is now true of DVDs.

Two new DVD formats are due out soon one from Sony and one from Toshiba. The two Japan-based corporations are battling for supremacy in the high-definition market -- a battle some are comparing to the competition between the Betamax and VHS home video formats. But what does it mean for the consumer?

You can listen to a very funny commentary on this new development
Which DVD Format Is the One for Me?

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At 1:21 AM, Anonymous Joe L said...


Something I have been keeping myself apprised of. No matter which of the new Video Disk Technologies makes it into the market you will be able to watch your old DVD's.

The HD-DVD is mearly a compressed or you could just say "better-use-of-space" type of technology. It has a laser beam that is like 5 times smaller than that of the original DVD players/burners, therefore you can fit more on a traditional DVD. That is the KEY with the HD-DVD format being backed by Toshiba. It will be basically the same technologiy as we have now just "better". DVD factories will not have to make any major changes to their equipment to make the new HD-DVD's, therefoer making it better (cheeper) for the consumer. Also, it "should" be a cheeper (in price not quality) player than the Blue-Ray DVD (BR-DVD).

Now, BR-DVD on the other hand is a totally different animal from the current DVD format. Different laser, different Disk. So, everything will have to change. Most significantly, changes to the the way the factories make the disks. Making more expensive disks. Also, the player, to be able to play both your old DVD's and the new BR-DVD will have to contain BOTH types of lasers. That would have to be more expensive.

Anyway, I support the format more economical to the consumer, and that really isn't much different from it's competitor HD-DVD.


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