Saturday, June 10, 2006

A Conspiracy theorist's Woodstock

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Nothing gets a conspiracy theory up and running like a secret society. They attempt to operate in the shadows, and people begin to imagine what is happening. Well, a secretive meeting that is going on in Canada has many talking.

Alexander Panetta, Canadian PressPublished: Thursday, June 08, 2006
Secretive mtg. a conspiracy theorist's Woodstock

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OTTAWA (CP) - It's like Woodstock for conspiracy theorists.
A serene suburban setting has been transformed into a four-day festival of black suits, black limousines, burly security guards - and suspicions of world domination.
On the outskirts of the nation's capital, a tony high-rise hotel beside a golf course is hosting the annual meeting for one of the world's most secretive and powerful societies.
It's not the Freemasons.
Forget those fabled U.S. military men who tucked away UFOs in the Arizona desert.
These guys, you've probably never even heard of, and if you believe the camera-toting followers who attend all their meetings, they control the world.
They're called the Bilderberg group.
They include European royalty, national leaders, political power-brokers, and heads of the world's biggest companies.
Those who follow the Bilderberg group say it got Europe to adopt a common currency, got Bill Clinton elected after he agreed to support NAFTA, and is spending this week deciding what to do about high oil prices and that pesky fundamentalist president of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.
"Some people say that I advocate a conspiracy theory. That's not true. I recognize a conspiracy fact," said James P. Tucker.
The 74-year-old American journalist has been following the Bilderberg group for decades, has written extensively about it, and recently published his Bilderberg Diary. He follows the group to its annual meetings and stands outside describing to other journalists details of his privileged access to their inner workings.
He is not alone.
Daniel Estulin snapped photographs of every vehicle that approached the concrete-glass complex Thursday. He says Mossad - Israel's spy agency - is paying attention.
Away from the golf course, there are no grassy knolls in the industrial zone outside Ottawa's Brookstreet hotel, the site of this week's meeting, but the scene does nothing to dissuade conspiracists.
Ottawa police officers are standing guard outside a dozen metal gates that serve as security checkpoints a half-kilometre from the hotel.
But Ottawa's finest are clearly not in charge here.
To approach the hotel property, even these uniformed police officers are required to show their credentials to the half-dozen black-suited men working for Globe Risk, a private security firm.
"This is pretty unusual," one Ottawa cop said.
Another said they were hired to be there in their off-duty hours and weren't told much by their superiors: "They just told us, 'These are important people. It's a private meeting.' "
A small crowd of curious onlookers snapped photos of black-windowed sedans stopping at the checkpoints. It was impossible to see who was sitting inside.
But it's fun to imagine.
The Bilderberg group is a half-century-old organization comprising about 130 of the world's wealthiest and most powerful people. The group is named after the Dutch hotel where it held its first meeting in 1954.
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What do we know about the Bilderberg group? I will point you to the information I could find:
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