Friday, June 09, 2006

YouTube Videos

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ยท In just six months, YouTube boomed from a startup viral video site to a Web phenomenon, a virtual library of cultural highlights and amateur video clips uploaded by anybody with a digital camcorder and some time to burn.
Users upload 50,000 videos a day, at last count, and visitors watch 50 million clips per day. Not bad for a company with 26 employees and an office over a pizza parlor.
The site is funded by venture capitalists. Despite its enormous popularity, it remains to be seen how YouTube will make money.

Guests discuss the future of YouTube: Is it free publicity -- or copyright infringement?
Thomas Goetz, deputy editor of Wired magazine
Mike Miliard, staff writer for the Boston Phoenix
Paul Kedrosky, writes the

You can listen to the discussion at:

The Rise of Viral Video -- and YouTube

I am posting the links so people can see what this site has to offer. I am in no way endorsing all the content.

Note: Some YouTube posts use language that might be considered objectionable.

The home page is: WWW.YOUTUBE.COM

You can see videos at the following links:

Star Trek Cribs

Don Rickles Roasted on The Dean Martin Show

Trailer Parody of Stanley Kubrick's The Shining

Crispin Glover on Letterman

Hip-Hop Highlight -- Newcleus: 'Jam On It'

Intro to The Muppet Show

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