Thursday, August 10, 2006


Experts in Mozambique have trained rats to detect landmines to help save human lives.
The new mine detecting team hope to clear the country of landmines by 2009. Adam Mynott reports from Mozambique.

To see the video report follow this link: Rats Saving Lives:

Now that you realize just how wonderful rats are, here are a few links that gives all the intresting information about rats:
BBC Best Link: CBBC Wild - Rats
An interactive children's guide to rats
BBC Best Link: Pet Factfile - Rats
Rat information including history, natural habitat, behaviour and lifespan

Now to be fair and balanced: The news abour Rats is not all good. Consider the following Story:
Parents living in a north Belfast estate say they won't let their children out to play because the area is overrun with rats.
The residents say not enough is being done and they would like more help from the authorities. Eimear Flanagan reports.

You can see a Video Report on this at: Rats overrun north Belfast estate

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