Wednesday, September 20, 2006

JFK AND 9/11

Doodle: a mindless sketch, an aimless drawing, while a person's attention is otherwise occupied.
We have all been sitting somewhere and found ourselves just doodling on a piece of paper. If that paper was found years later, would it tell us something about ourselves? Would it reveal what may have been hidden in our subconscious mind? Why am I asking these questions?
A recent news article suggests that maybe the doodlng of a former president may reveal that he knew the future, at least some are claiming that.

Here is the headline:
JFK Doodle Predicted "9-11 Conspiracy"Weird Associated Press report suggests unimaginable spooky coincidence

The Article is claiming:
A John F. Kennedy doodles eemingly predicted a "9-11 conspiracy" 40 years before it happened.
You can read the news artilce at this link:
AP out of the Houston Chronicle

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