Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Final Thoughts of the Beheaded

Imagine you are captured and you are about to be beheaded! What would you be thinking just before you were killed? This is proably not a subject you have spent much time thinking about but Robert Olen Butler has.The premise for each story in Robert Olen Butler's new book is disturbing. Severance recalls the last thoughts of those who have been decapitated. St. George, Marie-Antoinette, Medusa, Anne Boyeln Sir Walter Raleigh, the Lady of the Lake ... In Butler's imagining, their last words are poetic and brief, and reveal what is most precious about being alive.

Here is the information to purchases the book:

Author: Robert Olen Butler
Publisher: Chronicle Books
Released: 2006

here is the link to purchases the book: Severance

Here is a link to an audio story about the book and some audio of the author reading from the book:
Re-Imagining the Final Thoughts of the Beheaded

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