Saturday, October 28, 2006

The Real Story about Iraq

The conservative radio talk show host Glenn Beck has produced a video called "The Real Story: Iraq"
The goal of this video is show us the good news about Iraq. The following is the description of the video that was sent out to those who sign up to recieve updates:

Last night on TV we ran a new video essay called "The Real Story: Iraq"and we've now made it available for free on our website. The video shows the other side of the war in Iraq: the pictures you've never seen before and the amazing accomplishments you've never heard about before.

We're trying to share this side of the story with as many people as possible, so please help us by sending this email around to everyone you know who is tired of the constant news about violence, death tolls and insurgents.
View the video at:

You can watch the video and make up your own mind but I have to admit that I am getting sick and tired of people trying to say that things are going well in Iraq. As you watch the video keep in mind the following facts:

Iraq Body Count: War dead figures
The number of civilians reported to have been killed during the Iraq war and subsequent military presence is being recorded by the campaign group Iraq Body Count.
On 15 October 2006 it put the total number of reported civilian dead at 41,744 to 46,668 and the number of police dead at 2,578.

On 12 December, US President George W Bush said about 30,000 Iraqis had been killed since the war began.

His spokesman later said the figure was not an official one and was based on "public estimates cited by media reports" - a method similar to that used by Iraq Body Count.

You can read more from this report at: War dead figures

Since the start of the war in March 2003, a total of 2,786 American military personnel had died and 20,895 had been wounded as of yesterday, according to the Associated Press. Iraqi civilian casualties have also surged, to an average of 45 a day this month.
You can read more of this report at:
11 more killed as US deaths spike in Iraq - The Boston Globe

You can see how much the war is costing us by looking at the Cost of the War calulator at this link: Cost of the War

Also keep in mind the story about another video that is out there:
Video shows snipers' chilling work in Iraq

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