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381 killed in 4 days of Somalia battles

If you do a search for articles I have posted about Somalia, you will find that for almost a year I have been telling people that this is an area people should continue to monitor. Somalia is back in the news and I am going to post links to all the latest information:

381 killed in 4 days of Somalia battles
By SALAD DUHUL, Associated Press Writer

Four days of fierce fighting between Somali forces and Islamic insurgents has killed 381 people in Mogadishu, a local human rights organization said Monday, as the government warned residents to abandon their homes ahead of a new military offensive.

During a lull in the violence, civilians were told to leave insurgent-held areas in Mogadishu as Somalia's transitional government said it planned new attacks with Ethiopian troops, tanks and helicopters to crush insurgents, backed by the remnants of an Islamic group driven from power in December.

On foot, using donkey carts, cars and trucks they poured out of the ruined coastal city, joining the exodus of 47,000 people — mainly women and children — who have sought safety in the last 10 days, according to the U.N.'s refugee agency. Since February almost 100,000 people have fled the growing violence.

Even by Somalia's bloody standards, the last four days of violence has been intense.

Rotting corpses still littered dusty alleyways and back streets in the south of the capital where much of the fighting took place.

To read the rest of the article follow this link: Somalia

Yahoo has created an entire section devoted to the situation in Somalia. You really should take the time to read and listen to all the information. Here is the link:
Full Coverage: Somalia

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