Sunday, September 09, 2007

Eritrea 'arming' Somali militia

It was June 2006 when I posted a few articles telling everyone to watch Somali. I felt that events occurring there could become an issue for the U.S. Government. Today I want to point people to more information concerning Somali.
You can read some of my previous post on Somali here: Past Post

Eritrea 'arming' Somali militia

Insurgents in Somalia have received huge numbers of weapons in secret shipments from Eritrea, the UN says.

There are now more arms in Somalia than at any time since the civil war started in 1991, the UN report says.

You can read the entire report here: militia

In the comments section of my article, "US warns Eritrea" Simon Mace wrote some interesting comments that provided some information about Somalia and Ethiopia.
He also provided a link to the following video:

US role in planning Ethiopia's invasion.

I will continue to say that I think at some point Somali is going to become a bigger issue for the U.S.

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