Thursday, September 06, 2007

Waking up early could harm your heart!

Every morning when the alarm clock begins making that hideous beeping sound I think this can't be good for a person to wake up this early. Well now I have proof!

Early rising no good for the heart: study
Thu Sep 6, 8:44 AM ET

Generations have praised the wisdom of getting up early in the morning, but a Japanese study says early-risers are actually at a higher risk of developing heart problems.

The study, conducted by researchers from several universities and hospitals in the western Japanese city of Kyoto, revealed a link between wake-up times and a person's cardiovascular condition.

"Rising early to go to work or exercise might not be beneficial to health, but rather a risk for vascular diseases," said an abstract of the study.

The study, covering 3,017 healthy adults aged between 23 through 90, found that early risers had a greater risk of heart conditions including hypertension and of having strokes.

However, the study also noted that early risers were usually older.

The study is being presented this week at the World Congress of the World Federation of Sleep Research and Sleep Medicine Societies, being held in Cairns, Australia.

A separate study released in June by researchers at the University of Pennsylvania found that chronic sleep deprivation adds stress to the heart, putting a person at greater risk of cardiovascular disease and death.

Since the story is about waking up I have decided to provide a few links about sleep in general.

The National Sleep Foundation

Sleep Disorders

Sleep Disorders Center

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