Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Felix and Henriette

There is still a lot of interest in hurricane Felix across the Internet. I want to provide people access to the best information about hurricane Felix and Henriette.

Twin storms pack dangerous winds

CABO SAN LUCAS, Mexico - Felix walloped Central America's remote Miskito coastline and Henriette slammed into resorts on the tip of Baja California as a record-setting hurricane season got even wilder Tuesday with twin storms making landfall on the same day.

To read the rest of this report follow this link:

To track the storms:

Hurricane Felix tracker

Hurricane Henriette tracker

On top of watching both Felix and Henriette it now appears another storm is developing.

The following is from Weather.com

Before getting to Felix, let's start off by mentioning something closer to the United States. We are monitoring an area of low pressure off of the Florida Coast. It has the potential to acquire tropical or subtropical characteristics over the next couple of days.

The system appears to be gaining organization, however, at the moment, northwesterly shear is still inhibiting the disturbance from rapid development. This upper level shear is forecast to subside during the next two days. Even during this very early stage, all interests along the East Coast should monitor this area of low pressure. An Air Force Recon aircraft will investigate this suspect area tomorrow afternoon if necessary.

You can read the complete report at:

User Video: Felix blows through Caribbean

For more information I would suggest the following website:

The National Hurrican Center

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