Saturday, November 17, 2007


I love music of many kinds and styles and I never care what people may think. I am also not concerned if my music is not perceived as "hip" or in "style". So with that in mind I would suggest every one check out the following CD:

Here is a review of the album found at

A creative and moving interpretation of the original music., July 27, 1999
JIM MASTERS "host" (New England, USA) -

I'm a huge fan of instrumental versions of popular music. Sometimes called "Easy Listening." I have tons of cd's and tapes of this format. I wish it was easier to come by. It's hard stuff to find these days. I own this cd, as well as, several others by Richard Clayderman. I think it's one of the best instrumental interpretations of the original collection. It should'nt be directly compared to the original because it is instrumental! However, this cd molds the original with some Clayderman flair. I'd recommend to anyone who can still find it. This stuff becomes collector's item music fast.
To purchase the CD or to find out more about it follow this link:

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