Friday, April 25, 2008

Killer Virus

Yesterday I posted an article about a virus that was found in Bolivia. A comment was posted that questioned my reason for writing the article. So today I begin to search for more information to determine if this was a story worth posting and for people to read. Here is what I have found as of today:

New deadly virus discovered by scientists
The Tech Herald, IN - Apr 20, 2008

New virus prompts Bolivia to declare health emergency
Xinhua, China - Apr 22, 2008

LIMA, April 22 (Xinhua) --
Bolivia declared a health emergency Tuesday after identifying a confirmed new virus that can cause death by hemorrhage.

The country's Epidemiological Department has issued an alert, and control and watch action has begun across the country, according to reports from La Paz Tuesday.

Authorities said the latest discovery is a new species of the arena virus, which may have caused the deaths of at least two persons this year.

New virus causes South American fever
Reuters - Apr 18, 2008

Researchers discover new arenavirus associated with haemorrhagic fever
Science Centric, Bulgaria - Apr 18, 2008

This story is beginning to be reported by more and more news agencies. This could be an indicator that there is more to this story then people first thought.

I try very hard to find stories before the mainstream media reports them and then share the information with the readers of the Worldview blog. This may be a story that proves to be nothing or this is going to become a much bigger story in the next month.

We will see...

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