Saturday, September 27, 2008

Songs Without Words Part 1

I love discovering new and interesting music. Tonight I came across the album, "Songs Without Words". The album begins with these spoken words, "Sometimes songs come out of poems, and poems from dreams and sometimes reality. From that point on, the title of the album describes the content, Songs Without Words. The album takes you on a journey through a world of electronic music and sounds. Emusic wrote the following about the album:

UK DJ Mike Monday comes across on Songs Without Words Pt. 1 as a bit of a happy wanderer, his bubbling, worldly house tracks blissfully ignorant of troubles, politics… anything except the here and now of a good time. That's exactly what Songs Without Words brings: few demands and plenty of fun. The gargling "I Am Plankton" counts as our favorite, but there's plenty more to like.

This is a album of sounds and you can listen to it a number of times and each time discover something different. A great album to listen to a night with just a few candles lit.

You can obtain the album from EMUSIC.

Here is the link:

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