Sunday, December 28, 2008

Blogging and Photography

I have been spending a lot of time posting about the situation in Israel and the recent air strikes in Gaza. I want to take a few minutes and point everyone to a blog I just came across. I love to see what people use their blogs for. Tonight I found a blog in which the creator of the blog has decided to use their blog to show their photographs. The cool part is the creator of the blog is only 14 years old. The name of the blog is, Mo Photography. Here is my favorite photograph from the blog:

So take a few minutes and visit the Mo Photography blog. Here is the link:

When you are there take the time to leave a comment and encourage this young blogger.

Have a great night.

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At 4:24 PM, Blogger darla said...

thanks for posting this, Morgan is my daughter and i am so proud of her skills! God has blessed me with some really talented kiddos, and they have found their giftings early. A while back i told her she needed to share her pictures with everyone via blogging and i'm glad she has done so. thanks for encouraging her. God bless.


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