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Cholera deaths soar in Zimbabwe

With the situation in Israel being so serious it is easy to miss other important stories. Earlier today I reported on the number of cholera deaths in Zimbabwe. You can read my earlier post at this link:

I want to come back to that story and provide more information and links:

Cholera deaths soar in Zimbabwe

The latest figures from the UN and Zimbabwe's health ministry reveal that two-thirds of the victims of the cholera outbreak have died this month.

The death toll at the end of last week stood at 1,564, with 29,131 suspected cases since August, the UN said.

Figures from the health ministry on 1 December put cholera deaths at 484.
The UN has warned it could take six months to control the outbreak that has been fuelled by the collapse of the health, sanitation and water services.

You can read the rest of this report at this link:

From my research I see that there are two stories here.

1. Cholera Outbreak

2. The country of Zimbabwe. It seems to me the country is falling apart!

The BBC did a great report about this very thing:

Cholera lays bare Zimbabwe's collapse

The country that was once the jewel in Africa's crown, able to feed itself, heal its sick and educate its people to the highest standards on the continent, is now in a pitiful state.

Harare's main hospitals are closed, doctors and nurses are striking over their meagre "Zim dollar" pay and the country's water and sanitation services are tearing at the seams.

Manhole covers in the streets haemorrhage water because underground pipes have burst.
For many Zimbabweans, shallow wells with filthy water are the only means of quenching their thirst, despite the high risk of becoming ill. The cholera crisis which has already claimed nearly 1,000 lives, is the most potent symbol yet of Zimbabwe's collapse.

A deadly cocktail of failed services has turned a treatable disease into a major public health threat.

Nine out of Zimbabwe's 10 provinces have reported cases of cholera.

Eighteen thousand people have been infected so far, according to official figures, but that could just be the tip of the iceberg, with the World Health Organization warning that infections could treble.

You can read the rest of this very important report at this link:

The BBC also offers some great resources about the country of Zimbabwe.

Country profile: Zimbabwe

Timeline: Zimbabwe

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