Friday, March 13, 2009

Cow abducted by UFO?

ANIMAS COUNTY: A rancher in Las Animas County, Colorado made a shocking and gruesome discovery over the weekend. He found a mutilated cow by the Purgatoire River.

The mutilated cow was discovered near the town of Weston, which is about 20 miles west of Trinidad. "First reaction, she's been mutilated," said Mike Duran.

Duran's cow was found dead with her udders and reproductive organs missing. "No tracks at all," said Duran. "No blood, no predators," he added.

The cow was last seen alive on Friday. Two days later Duran says he found her mutilated by the river.

Duran has a theory about what happened. "We have other life out there and I think that's what it is," said Duran.

Duran says he thinks aliens abducted the cow, carved it up and then dropped it back by the river. He doesn't have proof, but claims to have seen some strange sights in the Colorado skies above his ranch. "Like a round circle in the air," said Duran. "I've watched them and then they just disappear," he said.

Duran has about 40 cattle on this ranch and believe it or not he says this isn't the first time something like this has happened. He says another cow was mutilated on the same field in 1995. "It's just a shock that it's happened again," said Duran.

The cattle rancher reported both mutilations to the Las Animas County Sheriff's Office, but so far investigators haven't been able to solve either case. "It's one of those unsolved mysteries I guess," said Duran.

Reports of mutilated cattle have been made across the country since the late 1960s. The FBI has investigated these bizarre occurrences and published reports.

By the way, Duran has left the cow in the spot where he found it, and says no predators have come to feast on it.

Here is the link to the original story: Cow

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