Monday, March 30, 2009

Stop Me From Killing Myself!

Suicide, suicide wishing I were dead.
Suicide, suicide deep in my head.
Suicide, suicide cutting my wrists.
Suicide, suicide I'm so done with this.

2 days,2 days let until I die.
2 days,2 days til the last tear I'll cry.
2 days,2 days until I am all gone.
2 days,2 days til the dark breaks the dawn.

Suicide, suicide deep inside my head.
Suicide, suicide now I'm alomst dead.
Suicide, suicide turn out the light.
Suicide, suicide good bye, good night.

Amber Zitzloff

Join me at 11:00pm Central time as I discuss the topic of sucide live on Blog Talk Radio.

Here is the audio from the show:

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