Saturday, March 18, 2006

Which three is more important?

This weekend marks three years for the war in Iraq, but this brought a question to my mind. Which three is more important? Three years of war or curiosity about who the final three contestants on Americal Idol will be? If we are to look at the numbers, it would be no contest. Most Americans spend more time watching, voting, and talking about American Idol than they do reading and researching the war in Iraq. So not to be left out, let me help everyone and tell them who the final 3 contestants will be on American Idol: drum roll please....

The final three in this season's finals will be Chris Daughtry, Taylor Hicks and Kellie Pickler.

No, I am not the one who is saying this. It is Simon Cowell.

You can read the entire article at:
Simon Cowell predicts top three 'Idols'...

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