Friday, March 17, 2006

Pentagon plans cyber-insect army

Pentagon plans cyber-insect army The insects would be remotely controlled to check out explosives and send transmissions. --BBC News

The Pentagon's defense scientists want to create an army of cyber-insects.
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This story may cause you to ask, "Have other animals been used in war"? The answer is yes, but not always with great success!

Look at the following:
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WWII: Attach a bomb to a cat and drop it from a dive-bomber on to Nazi ships. The cat, hating water, will "wrangle" itself on to enemy ship's deck. In tests cats became unconscious in mid-air
WWII: Attach incendiaries to bats. Induce hibernation and drop them from planes. They wake up, fly into factories etc and blow up. Failed to wake from hibernation and fell to death

Vietnam War: Dolphins trained to tear off diving gear of Vietcong divers and drag them to interrogation, sources linked to the programme say. Syringes later placed on dolphin flippers to inject carbon dioxide into divers, who explode. US Navy has always denied using mammals to harm humans

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