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I was listening to the March 1 Coast to Coast Am program on my I-Pod. The subject of Thomas Edison and his possible efforts to create a device in which one could contact the dead came up. Most people have heard of Thomas Edison and many of his important inventions. To read more about him and his work follow this link: Thomas Edison

But the question of him trying to build a device to contact the dead is one I have never heard discussed. I have done just a little research on the internet and I have found a few places where this is discussed. If any of my readers can find more information about this, please send what you have found to

Here is a link about this: Communication with the Afterlife

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At 3:58 PM, Blogger alchemist said...

Am interested in this myself and have been trying to find more since reading J.N.Williamson's horror house which was lightly based on fact re Edison going to a supposed haunted house and using the machine.
Other details re the house can be found at


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