Sunday, November 18, 2007

Honda FCX Clarity

The following was found at the Auto Blog

The Honda FCX Clarity is hugely important because it represents an honest to goodness fuel-cell vehicle that is going to actually be built and sold in 2008. The significance of a vehicle that spits water out of its exhaust instead of carbon is lost on virtually nobody, and it looks like Honda will be the first out of the gate. Honda has created a clever commercial to show how important its new accomplishment is, and it involves a bunch of thugs shooting it out with water guns. It's good stuff, and you can view it by clicking the read link below.


Here is a link to another video about the car:


Here is a picture of the Honda FCX

Here are links to other reports about the car:

Honda FCX Clarity: Car of the century?

2009 Honda FCX Clarity Live reveal

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