Saturday, May 10, 2008


Classical music is amazing and the more you know about the composer and the piece of music the more you can appreciate it. I just came across an amazing resource that everyone should be interested in:

Naxos Books is a diverse and forward-thinking imprint, which embraces both popular and specialist titles within the world of classical music. Its hallmark is the groundbreaking fusion of words and music, drawing on the extensive list of Naxos classical recordings to provide a ‘multimedia’ take on traditional book publishing. The majority of its mainstream books include CDs and websites where readers can listen to many hours of relevant music. Its broad scope mirrors the success that Naxos has achieved with its music CDs, from Vivaldi’s Four Seasons to the ‘Naxos’ Quartets of Peter Maxwell Davies.

If anyone is thinking of buying me a gift then please consider the following books :)

Life and Music
Beethoven: His Life and Music

Chopin: His Life and Music

Dvořák: His Life and Music

Mahler: His Life and Music

Mozart: His Life and Music

Puccini: His Life and Music

Tchaikovsky: His Life and Music

Wagner: His Life and Music

Discover Series
Discover Early Music

Discover Music of the Romantic Era

Children's Titles
Meet the Instruments of the Orchestra!

Other Titles
A History of American Classical Music

Robert Craft: Down a Path of Wonder

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