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Burial's Untrue was voted by some to be one of the best albums of 2007.
Here is how Emusic described the album:

Part of the allure of dubstep, the sound that Burial -- an anonymous London musician -- helped establish, is that it's so sparse and elemental that it eludes description almost by design. Untrue benefits from the conspicuous presence of vocals. Where voices served as atmospheric agents on the debut, here they drive tracks into the space of certifiable songs. "Archangel" announces the change at the start, with a mercury-mouthed male diva singing about "kissing you" and "holding you" in desperate, unsettling tones. A similar strategy plays out in "Near Dark," in which the vocal sentiment in the refrain "I can't take my eyes off you" applies just as much to ears. Even when the voices fade and drift like mist in the background, there are moods to be gleaned from the beats -- the ticks and trips that toggle like drum 'n' bass risen from the grave as something irretrievably decayed but also irresistibly angelic. -- Andy Battaglia

The album has received many plaudits:

Named the best album of 2007 by Sputnikmusic;

Named second best album of 2007 by The Wire;

Placed eighth in Tiny Mix Tapes' albums of 2007

Appeared in Pitchfork Media's fifty albums of 2007

Second highest rated album of 2007 according to the review averaging website, Metacritic

Received a Mercury Prize nomination in 2008.

Here are some links to other reviews of this album:


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