Thursday, December 25, 2008


Yesterday I was introduced to a new word, Zoonosis. I had to take some time and do a little research to know what this is and what it is all about. So, you get to benifit from my study.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

A zoonosis (pronounced /ˌzoʊəˈnoʊsɨs/) or zoonose is any infectious disease that is able to be transmitted (by a vector) from other animals, both wild and domestic, to humans or from humans to animals (the latter is sometimes called reverse zoonosis).

The word is derived from the Greek words zòon (animal) and nosos (ill). Many serious diseases fall under this category.

The simplest definition of a zoonosis is a disease that can be transmitted from other vertebrate animals to humans. A slightly more technical definition is a disease that normally exists in other animals, but also infects humans.

The emerging interdisciplinary field of conservation medicine, which integrates human and veterinary medicine, and environmental sciences, is largely concerned with zoonoses.

You can read the entire article at this link: Zoonosis

In my research I found a great tutorial.

This tutorial has been developed as an educational resource on zoonotic diseases for veterinary, medical and nursing students and practitioners, and anyone interested in these infectious diseases.

How does the tutorial work?

For each disease, you will find text and, in most cases, associated images providing:

a brief review of the microbiology of the etiologic agent
descriptions of the clinical presentations in both animals and humans
information related to diagnosis, treatment and control in animals
selected references

Within each topic, you will be able to navigate forward or backward through the site's pages or return to that topic's individual introductory page by clicking on the appropriate text at the bottom of each page.

In addition, you will always be able to return to this index page by clicking on following icon, found at the bottom of every text page in the tutorial

You can access the tutorial at this link:


The Centers For Disease Control has an entry on Zoonotic diseases. You can read the article at this link: Zoonotic

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