Saturday, March 18, 2006


Nicolas Cage, Diane Kruger and Jon Voight in
Walt Disney Pictures' National Treasure - 2004.

If you saw the movie National Treasure, you probably left the theater thinking it would be cool to look for a lost treasure. Well, I am here to help! You should consider saving up all your money and taking some time off from work to look for:

The Oak Island buried treasure

For over 200 years treasure seekers have been searching for the Oak Island buried treasure off the coast of Nova Scotia. Speculation of what the treasure might be ranges from Captain Kidd's treasure; a communal bank built by pirates; the hiding place for the treasure plundered by Sir Francis Drake from Spanish ships and settlements in the Caribbean; writings by Francis Bacon that would prove it was he that wrote Shakespeare's plays; Marie Antoinette's jewels; the lost treasure of Tumbez, Peru; and others.

I did a little research on the internet and found the following:

Critical Analysis of the Oak Island Legend
Dick Joltes provides background and history of the pit as well as variants on the legend and conspiracy theories.

Oak Island Treasure :: Leading research into the Money Pit Mystery
The best place on the internet for information the Oak Island Money Pit mystery. ... Oak Island Treasure - researching Oak Island's Money Pit mystery ... Oak Island Treasure provides photos, maps, news and a friendly forum providing all the latest news on the Oak Island ...

I have provided the information, so stop looking at your computer and get going! What, you want more help! Ok,

Since I have done most of the work for you, I get 50 percent of what you find.

Come on, this is a lot easier then stealing the declaration of independence! (a reference to the movie National Treasure)

Nicolas Cage in Walt Disney Pictures'

National Treasure - 2004.

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