Saturday, June 10, 2006

What to Eat

Everyone talks about eating healthy but doing it is a very different thing! So I am here to help, well kind of. I cannot make you eat anything but I can give you some good information.

Eat less, move more, eat lots of fruits and vegetables, and go easy on junk food. These are author and nutritionist Marion Nestle's basic principles for a good diet.
The rules seem easy enough. But as Nestle argues in her book What to Eat, actually following them and making smart decisions about food can be difficult. In part, she says, consumers face the challenges of an "enormous gap" in information -- and a food industry that spends $36 billion a year on marketing.
Nestle explains how manufacturers have turned yogurt from a food that's "pretty healthy" into a dessert, the ethics of marketing to children, and what she would do to make it easier to eat healthy in America.

Book:What to Eat

Author: Marion Nestle

Publisher: North Point Press

Released: 2006
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You can listen to a story at:

Nutritionist Tackles Serious Business of 'What to Eat'

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