Thursday, December 25, 2008

Moscow Condemns Shelling of Israel From Gaza Strip

MOSCOW. Dec 25 (Interfax) - The Russian Foreign Ministry calls on the sides of the Middle East conflict to stop forceful action.
"Moscow is extremely concerned over the events sliding to the threshold of open confrontation. We consider the shelling of Israel from Gaza to be unacceptable. This shelling as well as use of force touching upon peaceful Palestinians by Israel should be stopped," the Russian Foreign Ministry said on Thursday.

According to earlier reports, more than 60 rockets and mortar projectiles were fired today from the Gaza Strip against Israel. One Palestinian was killed and two were wounded by the return fire of the Israeli Air Forces.

"We confirm the importance to go back to the ceasefire on both sides as a necessary condition to preserve lives and normal living conditions of the Israeli and Palestinian civil population, the need to lift the blockade of the Sector of Gaza primarily in order to prevent a humanitarian disaster. We are convinced that it is solely on this basis that it is possible to resume a progress toward a universal and fair solution of the Palestinian problem and to ensure adequate Israeli security," the Russian Foreign Ministry said.

Here is the link to the original source: Moscow

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