Monday, March 20, 2006


Once again, the price of gas in on the rise:

WASHINGTON - The average retail price of gasoline soared by almost 14 cents last week, rising above $2.50 a gallon for the first time since late October.
The federal Energy Information Administration said Monday that U.S. motorists paid $2.504 cents a gallon on average for regular grade last week, a rise of 13.8 cents from the previous week. Pump prices are still 39.5 cents higher than a year ago.
The jump in retail prices follows a 42-cent-per gallon rise in unleaded gasoline futures since mid-February. On Monday, gasoline for April delivery settled at $1.8301 per gallon.

You can read more at:
Gas Prices Up to Highest Level Since Oct. - AP via Yahoo! News

There is no question that the United States' dependence on foreign oil and our never ending use of it is going to cause us great problems eventually.

So, what can we do?

There are many suggestions out there. I thought the following was very interesting and wanted to share it:
Grow Your Own Oil, U.S. Vaporizing sawdust and corn stalks yields a versatile petroleum stand-in. --Wired News

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At 1:50 AM, Anonymous Joe L said...

Just drill in Alaska for god's sake. The forrest and the animals will be fine. And it will get us off the middle east "bottle"!!!


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