Sunday, March 19, 2006

The Skinwalker Ranch

The great thing about the internet is that you can find information about things you never even knew existed! You can be exposed to theories and ideas that you have never given a second of thought. The problem is, there is so much material on the internet, you may never even come across much of what is available. Yes, I know that much of what is on the internet is not true. At the same time, large numbers of people will believe it and have the information affect their lives.
Here at Worldview, I try to point people to many different kinds of topics and ideas. Not so much for debate, but to get you to look at what is going on in the world. I always challenge the readers to research and think! Late last night, I came across a subject I have not heard anything about. It is The Skinwalker Ranch. You are probably asking, "What is that?" Let's take a look:

Skinwalker Ranch
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Skinwalker Ranch in the Uintah Basin of Utah was the site of a long running series of paranormal phenomena. The Sherman (sometimes given as Gorman) family bought the ranch, from absent owners, in the Fall of 1994. The sheer amount of strange events encountered proved incredibly stressful and when they tried to sell the ranch in 1996 the news started to break. The National Institute for Discovery Science (NIDS) picked up this information and bought the ranch for, it is claimed, $200,000. However, nothing about the level of strangeness was known until 2002 when the NIDS allowed George Knapp, a reporter for the Las Vegas Mercury, access to the ranch and his two-part article in November 2002[1] revealed this all too a wider audience. Now NIDS researcher Colm Kelleher and journalist George Knapp have written a book outlining their take on the NIDS investigation from the inside[1]

You can acess more information at:

Wikipedia: Skinwalker Ranch

Read George Knapp's Path of the Skinwalker articles in the Las Vegas Mercury: PART1.pdf PART2.pdf PART3.pdf

Hear an interview with the authors on the Jerry Pippin Show

Watch a news story aired on KLAS television in Las Vegas

Of course with anything like this, there has to be something for sale:

The goal of any blogger is to actually have people read what they have posted. So, please leave comments, letting me know if you are finding anything here useful. If you have any information about this subject, please share it.

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